A Big Thank You To NHS Staff, Front Line & All Key Workers From KenRox Contracts Limited

KenRox Contracts Limited would like to thank all.

NHS Staff

Front Line & Key Workers.

The Real Heroes.

# Stay Home – Stay Safe – Save Lives !

Uncertain times

In these most worrying of times we are as a nation and world all hit with this unbelievable scenario we are in.

As a company KenRox contracts are taking the following actions as the health and welfare of all our employees, clients and general members of the public and persons around us we interact with are of a more importance than anything else. Without these individuals we cannot operate in the future when we overcome this problem and life returns to normality as it will eventually.

All government and health authority recommendations and guild lines will be adhered to and followed no exceptions.
Office staff will operate from home.
Sites will run as normal should clients wish with resources and materials being available. ALL SITES NOW CLOSED.
Whilst this is the case all procedures will be put in place and implemented to reduce any and all known risks. No risks will be taken.
Any possible or near compromises will be discussed, assessed and addressed and should there be any doubt procedures or works will be stopped.
Visits to site will be limited to minimal with only necessary visits made any other communication will be by e mail, phone, video call or photos.

We trust we have covered all options however should you have any concerns, comments or suggestions please contact us so we can address and where necessary update our procedures accordingly.

Rest assured we are only a phone call or e mail away should you need us to assist or advise in any way possible. In the meantime we will not be pestering companies in these uncertain times but on hand should you wish and we will be here when all returns to normality due to our current market strength.

Together we are the people, we are strong, we are resilient we will overcome, so please take time to use any down time to your advantage, enjoy and look after family, neighbours, rebuild that community spirit and do the things we don’t normally have the time to do so. Make and be positive not negative.

Our fore fathers sacrificed and survived worse dangers for us than that we are having to do now. It’s now our time to conquer – we can do it.

Stay safe, stay strong.

Best wishes and regards to you and all your staff.